All About Tax Products

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All About Tax Products

H&R Block Tip: E-file is a quick and easy way to do your taxes quickly and painlessly! New tax software programs lead you step by step and do the calculations for you. What's more, tax software programs like TaxCut from H&R Block will ensure that all the necessary items are filled in appropriately for your online tax filing. All you have to do is hit the send button! You can purchase online tax filing products based on your level of tax filing. For example, there are TaxCut programs catered for the basic federal return filer, the online premium package that offers all federal 1040 forms, plus extra advice, and the signature online tax filing product, which offers your federal return signed by a tax professional. The IRS provides an acknowledgement once your electronic tax filing return is received. And if you owe money, you can authorize electronic funds to be withdrawn from your savings or checking account, or you can use a credit card.



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