State Tax Returns

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What about state tax returns?

State Tax Returns

If you live in a state that charges a state income tax, you will need to file a state income tax return. You will be reporting the state withholding amount found on your 2006 W-2 form, if you worked as an employee. You will have other state return reporting responsibilities if you had income from other sources (such as if you were self-employed).

Each state has its own website set up. Go on to your state's website and visit its taxing authority. There should be a link to this for your convenience. In many states this is located in the Department of Revenue. Your state will have information about how to obtain its state tax forms, where to file your tax return, and may offer options as to how to file them. Many states offer electronic filing for their state tax returns.

Also remember that even though you may not have had any state income tax withheld from your paycheck, you will still owe taxes to your state on income earned. For instance, you received income from interest on your bank account. Or, if you received rental income, you will need to pay taxes on this.

Filing your state tax returns can easily be done along with your federal income tax return at most tax preparation firms, tax preparer offices, or by yourself electronically.



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