Tax Preparer Insight

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Why should I care about my tax preparer?

Tax Preparer Insight

With all the hustle and bustle of tax season, it is easy to take tax preparers for granted. They are there to help us, but they work long, arduous hours in the process. Some suggestions to help ease their day are: Have your tax records organized. This cannot be over-emphasized. It will not only save you time and money, but it will save your tax preparer some time. This, in turn, saves them from billing you for the time it takes for them (or their office staff) to organize your tax records. You may read about the taxpayer who simply takes in a bag full of receipts to their tax preparer. It happens more frequently than you realize. Keep your scheduled appointment. By showing up on time for your tax preparer appointment, you will have more time to go over your needs, records, and any other necessary information. Plus, it shows respect. Be prepared to answer a questionnaire. Your tax preparer will probably have a questionnaire they need to go over with you. It helps them get more information about your income tax situation. Treat them fairly. Do not simply throw your records at them and demand they deal with it. Not many people actually love the income tax preparation process, but that is no reason to treat your tax preparer rudely. Thank them for their help. By expressing an honest appreciation for what they do, it will brighten their day. It is not easy being a tax preparer. Give them a small token of appreciation. No tax preparer would balk at a simple apple, stress reducer ball, or an eraser. Leave them with a smile. A pleasant exchange of information ending in a smile will ease any tax preparer's hectic day.



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