IRS Teletax

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What is Teletax?

IRS Teletax

The IRS offers taxpayer a tax help line to make tax preparation and filing a little easier. By calling the phone number of the IRS Teletax program at 800-829-4477, taxpayers can receive up-to-date information regarding tax laws and other matters affecting proper income tax filing.

The Teletax tax line offers prerecorded messages about a variety of tax matters and issues. Also, you can learn the proper way to fill out your individual 2006 tax return.

There is a wealth of valuable information to be found by using this toll-free tax help line. Use it.

Upon calling the phone number, you will be informed that there are 17 main tax topic areas. Each one coincides with a three digit number. Upon inputting the three digits, you will receive information about what is included in the main tax topic area.

For instance, 100 choice involves the IRS help available. Included in this topic is information about the toll-free phone line, volunteer assistance program, and tax preparation help for the disabled. Each sub-topic has its own three digit number.

Other main topics include: 150-IRS procedures, 200-IRS collection process, 300-general income tax filing, 350-filing status and exemption information, 400-types of income, 450-adjusted to income, and 500-itemized deductions. If you are interested in tax credits, 600 is for you.

By calling the Teletax phone line you can also check on the status of your refund. The online version of this program is known as “Where's My Refund?”.



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