IRS Forms

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How do I obtain IRS tax forms?

IRS Forms

You can obtain your IRS tax forms, publications, and instructions in a variety of ways.

Mail. You can order them through the mail. There is usually a blank order form in the back of any publication. You simply need to fill in what form or publication you are ordering (or circle them). The IRS will mail you two copies of tax forms and one copy of tax publications. Expect to receive your tax forms or publications in about 10 days after the IRS receives your request. The mailing address for tax form ordering is:


National Distribution Center

P.O. Box 8903

Bloomington, IL. 61702-8903

Pick up. You can pick up IRS tax forms at many IRS offices, post offices, and libraries. Call ahead of time to be certain the tax form you are interested in is still in stock. The tax forms go fast, you know.

Phone. You can call the IRS and order tax forms. Call 1-800-829-3676 to receive current and prior-year tax instructions, tax forms, and publications. 10 days is the expected time for receipt.

Download. You can download (and print) tax forms from the IRS website located at

Electronically. You can order your tax forms and publications electronically. This, also, can be done via the IRS website.

CD-ROM. You can purchase and order a CD that contains tax products including current and prior year forms, publications, and instructions. It also contains IRS Revenue Bulletins, an electronic tax research tool, and tax topics. This CD can be purchased through the IRS website or by calling 1-877-233-6767.



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