Hiring a Financial Planner

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Should I hire a financial planner?

Hiring a Financial Planner

Deciding whether or not to hire a financial planner can be a huge decision. Obviously, if you win the state lottery you aren't going to stash the winnings under your mattress. But for most people, the need to hire a financial planner is a decision that is arrived at gradually. If you find you need help determining the income tax consequences of certain financial moves you are contemplating, or if you got left holding the bag on a hefty income tax tab, chances are you could use some estate tax planning expertise. Other points at which it may make sense to seek estate tax planning services is when you are preparing a will, getting married, divorced, buying or selling real estate, or planning a family. To help you decide whether you could benefit from the tax advice and planning services a financial planner can lend, visit the public information page of the National Association of Financial and Estate Planning. The site includes links to information about financial planning and a search tool to locate a financial planner in your area.



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