Is Efiling For You?

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Is Efiling for me?

Is Efiling For You?

As popular and convenient online income tax filing (electronic filing) has become, it is not for everyone. If you meet any of these criteria, you probably will not do well with filing your income taxes online.

  • You are not computer savvy. You do not know what a mouse is (other than the furry kind) and do not care to learn.
  • You do not trust sending information online. Regardless of how secure a site may be, you still do not trust it.
  • You like and prefer the paper method. There is something tried and true about the pen and paper income tax return method.
  • You are not comfortable with the Internet.
  • You do not like computers.
There will always be taxpayers who are skeptical (or do not prefer it) about the electronic filing of income tax returns. That is why the IRS still offers paper return filing. The electronic filing option is offered to taxpayers, not required by the IRS. Do what you are comfortable with.



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