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What is free efile?

Free Efile

Many commercial tax software companies offer free electronic filing (e-filing) of tax returns in conjunction with the IRS. This partnership program is titled ‘Free File Alliance'. Known as an authorized service provider, these companies can save you a lot of time, money, and frustration.

Free File Alliance is offered through the IRS website at In 2005, over 5 million taxpayers used this program – according to the IRS. Electronic filing of tax returns is on the increase and the IRS plans on making it even better, quicker, and more convenient.

Once you gain access to the Free File Alliance Program, you can begin to see which service provider is best suited to your individual needs. Each participating company has their own set of guidelines that you must meet in order to use their e-filing capabilities. Many involve an adjusted gross income limitation, for instance. Just check around to see what is available and what appeals to you.

Many partners in the Free File Alliance program offer both federal and state filing of income tax returns. This is an added benefit if you have to concern yourself with reporting state income tax.

Free File Alliance is truly free (no charge) for you if you meet the required eligibility criteria. Upon completing the tax preparation process and submitting your 2006 income tax return, you will receive a receipt confirmation. Be sure to print this up. This is proof of when your 2006 income tax return was submitted and received by the IRS.



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