Determing Your Eligibility

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Am I eligible to use efile?

Determing Your Eligibility

In order to utilize the e-filing services of many online service providers, you need to meet their eligibility criteria. Reasons may vary regarding the eligibility requirements. Many times this is an income threshold. This means you cannot make over a certain amount in order to use the online electronic filing service program. Other times there may be an age, military, or state limitation.

Once you obtain access to the website to e-file, search through the variety of service providers offering electronic filing. Read about their different requirements. Find what you are comfortable with. If there is a fee, is it worth it to you? What does it include? Does the fee outweigh the cost of paper filing? Think about this before deciding to pay any fee.

It is important to note that even though you are submitting your tax return electronically to the IRS, you are not filing directly with them. You need to electronically file (efile) your tax return through a service provider that has been authorized, tested, and approved by the IRS. Only then can you file your taxes electronically.



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