Tips for Buying Tax Software

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What are some tips for buying tax software?

Tips for Buying Tax Software

You have decided to purchase some tax software, but are not sure which one to buy.

There are a variety of tax software programs available. You either find the choices difficult, or you are unsure what would apply to you. Price ranges vary from very affordable to hundreds, even thousands of dollars. How do you know which one to buy and install onto your computer? Here are some suggestions to ponder prior to purchasing.

Know what purpose you intend your tax software to fulfill. For instance, are you an employee only concerned about filing your W-2 to get a refund? Are you computer savvy? Then, a basic tax software program would suit you fine. Or, are you a sole proprietor who has a home office? A more advanced tax software program would be for you. You would need one that would help you calculate deductions and also give some tax planning advice.

If you have employees, you will need payroll tax software. You are responsible for reporting federal (and possibly state) payroll taxes. One of the more popular payroll tax software programs is found in TaxCut Home and Office.

Updates. Are they included in the cost? Or, do you pay extra for them? IRS taxes change yearly, and you need to keep updated with them.

Customer service. How is the company's customer service? Do they return calls or emails quickly? Do they welcome your questions and concern? Find this out beforehand to save yourself frustration. Plus, it may be better to pay a little more for a tax software package if you know the customer service is exceptional. Some lower cost tax software packages do not come with good customer service, if any.

Company reputation. Do you know anything about the company who produces the tax software? Check into how long they have been in business. Check into what products they offer. Ask around and see what feedback you get regarding the company. For instance, H&R Block has a positive reputation dating back 50 years. You can be assured of a high quality, customer-oriented product.

Product features. What does your tax software contain? Does it have tax forms you can print or download? Live tax advice? Does it have the capability for electronic filing of your tax return? Does it offer deduction insights? Product features are usually listed on the back of the box, or on the company's website.

Easy to buy. Is the tax software you are interested in easy to buy? That means, is it easy to get a hold of? Can you go to a convenient location and purchase it? Can you purchase it online, if need be? Having your tax software easy to buy can save you time and frustration. A good tax software program that cannot be bought either online or at a store near you, does you no good.

Guarantee. How does the company stand behind their tax software product? What do you need to do to get this guarantee? If it has no guarantee, don't buy it.



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