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What is an tax software series?

Tax Software Series

A tax software series is when a company offers tax software programs covering a variety of taxpayer concerns. The series can be developed with various levels of complexity in mind. Or, it can be developed as an enhancement to the original tax software program developed.

Many times when a tax software company enters the market, it offers a product geared towards one level (basic, i.e.). Once that tax software program becomes successful and much positive feedback is received, the company expands into other tax services and programs. For instance, the company finds that their original tax software program dealt mainly with individual taxpayer filing and preparation concerns. The company then receives customer feedback as to how successful the program was. Also, the company has received numerous requests for tax preparation information/help for other forms of taxpayer entities such as corporations, small businesses, other forms of business operations, and payroll taxes. The tax software company then decides to start offering tax software to meet other taxpayer needs. Hence, there are payroll tax programs, business tax programs, and other tax software programs offering more features than the original tax software program.

H&R Block has developed one of the most popular tax software series. It provides taxpayers with a wealth of information in a variety of tax and financial-related fields. For instance:

  • Tax Cut – This standard tax software program is geared towards the individual 1040 taxpayer without any state tax filing needs. This tax software program helps taxpayers with rental property, education credits, home office operations, and business expenses including depreciation. It does not include state income tax filing options.
  • Tax Cut Premium – This software offers the above plus the option to file state income taxes (in simple terms).
  • Tax Cut Premium plus State and E-File – This member of the Tax Cut tax software series includes federal, state, and e-filing capabilities.
  • Tax Cut Home & Business – This tax software program is geared towards business owners operating a corporation, partnership, limited liability corporation, or a nonprofit organization. It also contains a payroll module.
The above are but a sampling of the wide array of products, features, and services provided by H&R Block through their Tax Cut tax software series. Check for more information. They are bound to have something you need to satisfy your tax and financial information/tax return concerns.



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