Tax Day

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What is tax day?

Tax Day

Every year you can be certain that the news will cover tax day. It is always a newsworthy feature about how many taxpayers are hustling to get to the post office by midnight. Cameras show lines of cars with drivers/taxpayers waiting to drop off their income tax return. Will they make the midnight deadline? At home, last minute filers are hopping onto their computer to file their income tax return electronically. They need to have it submitted by midnight. Will
they make it? This is tax day.

It is April 16, 2007 – tax day – what do you need to do if you have not filed your 2006 income tax return yet? Thousands of taxpayers wait for this day and hustle. Most importantly: You need to get your 2006 income tax return postmarked no later than midnight (local time) on April 16, 2007.

No matter what method of income tax filing you choose for your 2006 income tax return, it must be postmarked by this due date (if the paper return was mailed). Many taxpayers send their paper income tax return via certified or registered mail to be certain of this postmark.

Other taxpayers simply run up to the post office by midnight to drop off their return. In fact, throughout the United States, you will find so many taxpayers running to the post office before midnight that there are ‘tax day parties'. A local nonprofit will set up tables, sell postage stamps, and give out free coffee to last minute tax filers. It makes a stressful and hectic time of the year must easier to deal with.

Your local community may have developed ‘tax return drop off sites' throughout the area. Some may be set up at libraries, community centers, or fire stations. These are just some examples of known occurrences on tax day. Check with your local Chamber of Commerce to
see if they are aware of any sites available.



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