Income Tax Filing Methods

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What are some income tax filing methods?

Income Tax Filing Methods

You have your income taxes all prepared and are ready to file them with the IRS. There are various methods available for you to choose how to file them. Depending on what is the easiest and most convenient for you, choose from the following methods:

Online. By filing online (also known as electronic filing, or e-filing), you can receive your refund quicker than other methods of tax return filing. That is the main benefit. Taxpers using electronic filing are known to receive their refunds in half the time as conventional (paper) filers do. You can file online either yourself or have a tax preparer do it.

You can visit the IRS website for a listing of service providers who you can file your return electronically with. Some offer this service for free, while others charge for it. Check around to see what you are most comfortable with.

Software. Various tax software programs offer the option of filing your taxes through their software. H&R Block tax software, TaxCut, is one such software program taxpayers can utilize to file their 2006 income tax return.

In-person. You can visit a tax preparer's office. Be it a tax preparation firm, a CPA, or an Enrolled Agent – you choose. Here, you will take your prepared tax return and the tax preparer will double check it. Then, they will file it for you. Generally, you choose between ‘snail mail' to the IRS or electronic filing.

Some tax preparation firms and preparers require appointments, others do not. It is recommended to call beforehand to get their hours of operation, anyways. Then you can ask if they accept walk-in clients.

Mail. You can easily mail your 2006 paper tax return to the IRS. You would mail it to your regional IRS service center. The address will be in your IRS Publication 17 – Your Federal Income Tax. Or, if you received a tax package from the IRS, it will be in there. Usually, there is a self-addressed envelope you send your tax return back in. Just be certain to affix the proper postage to it. (Don't laugh. This is a common occurance.)

Telephone filing, formerly known as the IRS Telefile tax return filing program, has been discontinued as of the 2006 tax return year.



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