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What does the IRS website contain?

IRS Website

Visit the IRS website and you will see a wealth of information that can both help and inform you. Sections of this website are broken down into individual, business, charities, governmental entities, retirement planning community, and tax exempt bond community. Of main concern to individual and business taxpayers are the following:

Individual tax resources provided on the IRS website include:

  • Finding your local IRS office. The IRS website provides a map of the U.S. to help you.
  • Taxpayer Advocacy Service. This independent organization within the IRS helps taxpayers who have not been helped by following the ‘normal' routes in settling tax matters. Taxpayers will be assigned as case advocate for more personalized attention.
  • E-filing of tax returns with links to providers offering free service
  • Order tax forms and publications
  • Applying for online extensions
  • Applying for a monthly installment agreement
  • Obtaining copies of tax return transcripts
  • “Where's My Refund?” a section where taxpayers can find out about their expected tax refund.
  • Methods of contacting the IRS
  • Researching tax questions
Business owners (including sole proprietors) will benefit by the IRS website through:

  • Online learning (including tax issues, obtaining an employer identification number, etc.)
  • Checklists for starting, operating, and closing business
  • Other important tax issues business owners need to know
  • Tax forms and publications needed
Retirement Planning Community contains a wealth of information to help with retirement issues and their tax effects.

There also are links to other business sites, state sites, and form sites on the IRS website.

Note: The information found in this summarizing section just touches on he huge amount of information found on the IRS website. Visit for more information on how it can help ease your tax concerns. The IRS website is one of the most comprehensive governmental websites around. It is user friendly, informative, and contains a wealth of information. The IRS makes it easy for taxpayers to learn about the tax laws. The IRS also supplies information on retirement planning, business operations, and tax exempt securities. Plus, professional tax preparers will be helped by visiting the IRS website.



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