IRS Notice

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IRS Notice

In those cases where the IRS has any concern or question regarding your tax return, they will send you an IRS Notice. Also, if you have contacted the IRS regarding any tax concern or issue, you will receive a response from them known as an IRS Notice and/or letter. Do not be alarmed, this is the way for the IRS to communicate with you.

You will be given a reply reference number (or letter number). This number is located in the upper right of the Notice. You will need this number when communicating to the IRS regarding your tax matter.

Sections of your IRS Notice will include:

The Letter/Notice number, letter/notice date, your taxpayer identifying number, and caller ID (person who handled your call/claim).
The body of the Notice will include the purpose of the letter and what additional steps, if any, need to be taken to complete the concern.
The body will also will contain the results of any findings the IRS has made regarding your tax concern or issue.
You also may be given an explanation of any tax laws that apply to your IRS tax concern.
You also will be given the contact name, number, and address of anyone to contact.

Usually you are given two copies of the IRS Notice and/or Letter. One copy is for your records, and the other copy is to be signed and returned to the IRS office given by them.



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