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Where do I mail my IRS 2006 tax return?

IRS Address

The IRS has Service Centers (offices) throughout the United States. To find your local office, simply look in the Governmental section of your phone book. Or, you can visit the IRS website for a link.

When you are filing your taxes by mail (or “snail mail” as it has become known), you need to mail them to your regional IRS office. Addresses are found in the 1040 instructions that you will receive with your blank tax forms. If you received this packet from the IRS, use the pre-addressed envelope that came with it. If you have moved, use one of the addresses below. You file your tax return in the state where your legal residence is. For your ease, here are the regional IRS addresses for filing your 1040 2006 tax return. They are listed in no particular order.

States: AK, HI, CA, NV, AZ, WA, OR, MT, WY, CO, NM, ND, SD, and NE:

Internal Revenue Service

Fresno, California 93888-0102 if making payments, otherwise 93888-0002

States: TX, OK, KS, LA, MS, TN, WV.


Austin, Texas 73301-0102 if making payments, otherwise 73301-0002

States: IA, MO, AR, WI, IL, MI, IN, OH, NJ, CT


Kansas City, Missouri 64999-0102 if making payments, otherwise 64999-0002

States: AL, GA, FL, SC, NC, VA, DE, RI


Atlanta, Georgia 39901-0102 if making payments, otherwise 39901-0002

States: KY, PA


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19255-0102 if making payments, otherwise 19255-0002

(Note: this address will not be effective after June 30, 2007. Residents of these states will

send their returns to Kansas City, MO.)

States: NY, MD, DC, NJ, MA, NH, ME


Andover, Massachusetts 05501-0102 if making payments, otherwise 05501-0002

NOTE: If you are filing Form 1040A, the zip code will have the last four digits as 0115 (for payment) or 0015 (for no payment).

For Form 1040EZ tax filers, the last four digits of the zip code will be 0114 (for payment) or 0014 (for no payment).

Tax Tip: Make certain to notice the different zip code addresses depending on the tax form you are filing with the IRS. Each zip code will help expedite the processing of your 2006 tax return.



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