State Income Taxes

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Do I need to file a state income tax return?

State Income Taxes

State income tax forms are filed along with your federal income tax returns. In addition to personal income tax on wages and earnings, states can receive income from the following taxes: cigarettes, excise, personal property, gasoline, inheritance, business (such as worker's compensation, payroll, lottery sales, sales taxes, usage, occupational, etc.), and others. Therefore, it is important to know what your state tax requirements are.

State tax forms can usually be obtained by calling your State's Department of Revenue, or its taxing authority. Also, when businesses start up, they usually receive a start-up package containing tax information such as needed forms, deadlines, and state laws. When a new businessowner obtains a business license, the state becomes aware of the new business and sends out this informational tax packet.

Another way to obtain state income tax forms is by visiting two websites. One website is found at This site contains all the states with a breakdown of what state form is available. It also contains listings of states that are involved with the IRS partnership known as Free File Alliance. Taxpayers can easily file both their state and federal income tax returns electronically through this partnership.

The other website belongs to the IRS. This helpful online site contains a link to state tax forms.

You also need to know that the IRS exchanges information with states that have income taxes. This is done routinely. Therefore, if you file an amended federal return, you may want to also file an amended state income tax return. That way you may avoid penalty and interests.

Not all states impose a personal income tax. Either call your local State taxing authority, or visit the above-mentioned website of for more information.



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