2006 Income Tax Filing Deadlines

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What are the deadlines for filing 2006 income taxes?

2006 Income Tax Filing Deadlines

In order to avoid any IRS penalties, tax deadline due dates must be met. Here is a calendar of income tax filing deadlines for the tax year 2006 to help you with your tax planning.

Estimated tax payments. These tax payments are usually paid on a quarterly basis.

January 16, 2007. If you are paying estimated taxes, this is the due date for whatever estimated taxes (balance due) that remain from the 2005 tax year.

June 15, 2007

October 15, 2007

January 15, 2008

April 16, 2007. This is the due date for filing your 2006 1040, 1040A, or 1040EZ tax returns.

October 15, 2007. If you filed for an extension on your 2006 tax return, this is the due date/deadline for filing your tax return.

December 31, 2007. This is the last day (deadline) for you to open up a KEOGH plan, if you are self-employed.



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