Tax Preparation for the Military

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Where can I go for military personnel income tax preparation?

Tax Preparation for the Military

The IRS offers a free tax preparation program for military personnel and their families. The program is known as VITA – Volunteer Income Tax Assistance. In addition to providing military personnel and their families with free income tax return preparation, this program also provides other services. Taxpayers can receive tax advice and tax assistance, also. This program is found worldwide at various military sites. So, this is an in-person tax preparation program. The tax offices are located within various military installations.

Tax preparers are volunteer military personnel who specialize in the needs of military-related individuals. In other words, they are trained and equipped to deal specifically with military issues and concerns regarding the tax laws. This program is a combined effort of the U.S. military and the IRS. The IRS supplies the software and training of the volunteers who will be preparing the tax returns. In turn, the military provides the space and equipment necessary to run this program. They also provide, of course, the volunteer military personnel.

If you are a military personnel and/or family member and are ready to take advantage of this program, be certain to have all your tax documents and identifying information with you. For more information on income taxes regarding the military, refer to IRS Publication 3 – Armed Forces Tax Guide. This guide will come in handy during your income tax preparation.



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