Tax Prep Checklist

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What do I need to remember for my tax return preparation?

Tax Prep Checklist

Here is a checklist to follow to make certain you have included everything possible in your income tax return. Many of these steps may sound very common sense-like, but you would be amazed at the amount of income tax returns that the IRS has to follow up on due to incorrect or missing information. This, in turn, delays income tax refunds. Have these items checked off prior to sending off your tax return – in person, electronically, or by mail:

  • Be certain your social security number or employer identification number are correct. If you are filing a joint return, be sure you include your spouse's Social Security number.
  • Make certain your name and address are correct.
  • Make certain you include your dependent's social security number.
  • Make certain you are claiming the correct exemption amount. Be sure the correct box is filled in for the exemptions you are claiming.
  • Double check your math and be certain everything adds and subtracts correctly. Carry figures down correctly (put them on the correct line).
  • Be certain you have used the correct tax table for your taxable income level.
  • Be certain you have placed the refund due or amount payable on the correct line.
  • Be sure you sign the return. If filing jointly, have your spouse sign your tax return.
  • Make sure you have attached the Federal copy of any W-2 you received. Make sure you have attached any other important documents and schedules.
  • If you are receiving a refund, make certain it is on the correct line. If you are paying taxes, make certain it is on the correct line.
  • If you choose direct deposit for your tax refund, be sure your routing number is correct.
  • Make certain you mail your 2006 income tax return to the correct IRS service center.
  • Make certain you attached the correct postage to the mailing envelope.
  • If you are concerned about meeting the tax deadline date, use either certified or registered mail. This way you will be assured of your tax return being postmarked by the tax filing date.



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