Choosing Tax Preparation Software

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How do I pick the best tax software?

Choosing Tax Preparation Software

Tax software programs, such as H&R Block's TaxCut or Intuit's TurboTax, spare taxpayers the hassle of doing the math and interpreting IRS law, and many people will benefit from the larger tax cut software generally delivers over preparing your taxes longhand. Before choosing tax software, check reviews in computer magazines or online sites such as CNet. Compare the features and prices of the programs. Compare the charges for e-filing. Some companies offer free tax software and e-filing by offering rebates or by participating in the IRS' Free-File program. If you need to file a state tax return, make sure the software includes those tools. Otherwise, you'll end up paying extra. If you need tax advice or are looking for more robust tax planning software, get the deluxe version of the tax preparation software. Deluxe versions include access to more resources such as online calculators, forms, advice, and publications.



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