Submitting Tax Forms

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Where do I send my tax forms once I’m done preparing them?

Submitting Tax Forms

Congratulations! You're (almost) done with your taxes! When it comes time to file your taxes, where you send your tax forms depends on what method you used to prepare them. If you used hardcopy forms, you should first make a complete copy of all your forms and schedules for your files. Then, check in the instruction manual for mailing instructions. There are different tax return processing centers throughout the U.S., so make sure you mail to the correct center for your location. If you don't have your instruction booklet handy, you can check online at for the mailing address of the center that serves your state. If you used tax software, you have the option to file your tax return electronically or print it out and mail it. If you choose to print it out, the correct mailing address should print on the top page. To file electronically, simply follow the prompts at the end of the tax preparation process. Whether you file electronically or mail it, remember to save a PDF version of your completed return to your computer hard drive. Knowing how flaky technology can be, it's probably a good idea to also print out at least one hardcopy of your completed return and all schedules for your paper files.



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